Expert Dashboard provides pharmaceutical companies with the most effective solution for identifying and managing important expert physician relationships.

Robust Profiles

Our expert research team develops in-depth profiles, including relationships, publications, trials, presentations, clinical interests, and much more.


On-Demand Scoring

Looking for the best speakers in a therapeutic area, or the most prolific authors? Adjust the score weighting across dozens of experience categories to find the top recommended experts for any unique program need.


Fully Customizable

Each Expert Dashboard instance is fully customized to your project's needs. Brand personalization, integration of sales data, inclusion of third party surveys - the sky's the limit!


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Network analysis

Filter and display how Experts relate to one another, through shared research, trial activity, education, and organizations.

Custom ranking and weighting

Adjust the weighting on any number of custom tracking areas (such as journal impact factor, trial leadership, presentation experience) to adjust ranking of experts for specific program needs.

Activity tracking

Continuously updated information to track expert activity and relationships over time.

Full customization

Each Expert Dashboard instance is fully customized to your project's needs. Brand personalization, integration of sales data, and inclusion of third party surveys are just some example of the the range of possibilities.

Reporting and Exporting

Customize reports to your needs, and configure exports to external CRM systems.

Social media analytics and real time tracking

Assimilate Experts' social data into Expert Dashboard to derive insights and measure influence.

Influence and sentiment analysis segmentation

Plot available data points onto a scatter matrix to categorize groups of experts into pre-defined segments.

Engagement tracking

Profile information can be managed by different user levels, allowing internal personnel to enter and update contact points and activity as they happen.

Compliance and Payment analysis

Integration with US Physician Payment data monitors financial relationships between pharmaceutical companies and health care providers.

Our Process

Our Process

Our organization focuses on combining meticulous research services with state-of-the-art web software, allowing our clients to identify, analyze, monitor, and manage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in any therapeutic area.


Search Strategy Development
Our process begins with a straightforward discovery step, in which we work with you to understand the brand search strategy for Key Opinion Leader (KOL) selection. Included in the strategy is expertise sought, specific keywords, specialty sub-areas, key journals, congresses, and geographic area.


Next, our expert researchers and bibliometric ranking software work together to deliver the best experts for your brands particular goals. In-depth manual searching of relevant data sources, clinical trials, publications, conferences, committees, associations, and ad boards is conducted to develop a list of identified prospects.


Review and Approval
Prior to integration into the database, your organization is presented with a clean outline of the full universe of recommended thought leaders, along with rationale for selection. The mutually agreed-upon top tier of selected experts is then moved into the profiling stage.


In-depth Profiling
Each expert is manually researched independently, to identify publication authorship, trial participation, biographical information, organization and editorial board membership, speaking engagements, and relationships within the industry.


Website Set-up and Customization
Finally, a custom instance of Expert Dashboard is set up and made available to your team. The secure, cloud-based interface makes all of Expert Dashboard’s in-depth analysis tools and robust profiles available from any location on desktop and mobile devices.

Expert Dashboard - Opinion Leader Mapping Services and Software

To truly compete in pharmaceutical sales markets, drug makers need to know and understand the most valuable influencers in their field, and fully comprehend how these experts relate to each other. Expert Dashboard’s specialized services and software are built to this purpose, using powerful technology to draw connections between specialized experts.

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