Digital Opinion Leaders - Migraine and Headaches

Read Roberts | September 14, 2020

Like last month's look at the most impactful Digital Opinion Leaders related to Blood Cancers, this month we are using our DOLMap tool to look at another very specific group of experts - thought leaders related to migraines and severe headaches. This group of over 70 experts consists of Neuroscientists, Surgeons, Psychologists, and Patients who have a big online impact through social media and other online channels.

As a refresher, a Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) is an E-influencer who is an HCP or someone who influences public health, public health policies, and public health implementation.

Looking at the Migraine DOL Dashboard, there are some fascinating takeaways:

Migraine Digital Opinion Leader Network


This is a tight-knit group of experts. Looking at the network map page, there are thousands of social interactions between this group. And it's not just restricted to experts in the same field. Wake Health Neurologist, Dr. Rebecca Wells and Albert Einstein College of Medicine Psychologist Dawn Buse are frequently interacting and sharing data.


Most impactful research within this group of DOLs? "Fremanezumab for the Preventive Treatment of Chronic Migraine." co-authored by David Dodick and Peter Goadsby. This article has garnered 309 Twitterdiscussions, 220 News articles, 37 Facebook discussions, 11 blog articles, and counting. Read them, all in the media discussions dashboard.


#ClusterHeadache is trending. One of the top recent topics of discussion by this group of experts is Cluster Headaches, who DOL Jill Dehlin describes as "the #1 MOST PAINFUL human condition; worse than GSW, kidney stones or child birth."


Another trending topic, unsurprisingly, is #COVID19. It's had it's own unique impact on the chronic pain field, and patients are being hit particularly hard during this time. View all twitter discussions and impact in the DOL Twitter Dashboard


Kudos to all of the digital opinion leaders, but in particular - Ali Rezai, Dawn Buse, Clay Marsh, Elizabeth Loder, and Peter Goadsby, who's posts are reaching hundreds of thousands of people and helping to spread information that we hope will help the migraine and headache community.

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