Pharma Digital Opinion Leaders – Hepatology and Liver

Read Roberts | September 30, 2020

In this month’s mapping exercise, we’re taking a look at the important group of Hepatology and Liver experts. 100 experts were identified as having a major online impact, and we’ve included them all here. This group consists of Hepatologists, Medical Oncologists, and Physician-Scientists.

As a refresher, a Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) is an E-influencer who is a HCP or someone who influences public health, public health policies, and public health implementation. Digital Opinion Leaders should be of particular interest to academic institutions and the life science and pharmaceutical industry to aid in awareness of the impact and discussions of new research.

Looking at the Liver DOL Dashboard, here are some takeaways that stand out:


Conferences. Lots of conference discussions among this group The 2020 Digital International Liver Congress (#ILC2020) has been a major topic of discussion in recent weeks. Experts shared presentations and takeaways from this congress, which occurred August 27-29. Also garnering hundreds of discussions – ACG2020 and EASL.


Surprisingly, ESMO 2020, which is happening virtually as this post is being written, has not been generating a ton of conversations (less than 30 as of September 22). Perhaps because it is more central to oncology than liver diseases, or perhaps there is some more outreach which could be done to the digital experts in the future.


A Hepatologist with authority. Univ. of Michigan Dr. Elliot Topper is the most mentioned and discussed DOL of the group. Within over 10K followers Dr. Tapper continually generates conversations and shares valuable insights with the hepatology community.


This community loves discussing new research. The hashtag #livertwitter is being used extensively to generate discussions on new research. Panels made up of many of these Liver DOLs discuss new research in online forums, directed from this tag.

Hepatology and Liver Digital Opinion Leader Network


Like other groups of experts in the past, this group has a lot of internal conversations within one another. Taking a look at this fascinating network map of discussions between these OLs, we can see that the most prolific internal networkers are Ahmed Elsharkawy, Phil Newsome, and Gideon Hirschfield, all having over 50 social interactions with other members of the group in the past 3 months.


This group of online opinion leaders is not only very active in online discussions, but they’re also very prolific publishers of new research. Dr. Juan Abraldes has published several very impactful articles in the past year in Nature and Hepatology which have generated hundreds of online discussions across Facebook, Twitter, reddit, f1000, news sites, and industry blogs. View them here.

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